Bob Norton speaking to students
Each weekday in term times and weekends in the summer, Survivors travel to Beth Shalom to tell their story. This vital link with the past enables history to become real.

Survivor testimonies recorded at the Centre over the years can be watched here.

Victoria Vincent made a promise when working as slave labourer in the Auschwitz sand quarry that she would tell the next generation about the death camps and the death marches.  In this very brave interview with Dr Stephen Smith she explains at length what it was like to be persecuted by the Nazis.  Her failing health, brought about by the brutality of the Nazis, caused her to have to stop frequently in this interview.  At times she was overcome by the memories and at other times she had to fight against health issues in order to keep going.  Victoria has a special place in the heart of the Smith family.  She was one of the first Survivors to support the Centre and she was the first to publish her testimony through the Centre's bookshop.  While Stephen and James were still studying they would take her in her wheelchair to student groups.  Her truthfulness and simplicity won the hearts of all who heard her speak.