Testimony:  Simon's testimony can be viewed here

Biography: Simon was born in 1938, in Radzivillov which at that time was in Poland, and is now in Ukraine. He lived happily with his family until the Nazi invasion of Poland in 1939. In 1941 Nazi soldiers arrived in Radzivillov, and a ghetto was established. Simon and his family were held there until September 1942, when Simon’s father engineered their escape using some of the gold he had previously hidden. The family then went into hiding, and remained in hiding until just prior to the end of the Second World War when Russian troops liberated the area. Simon and his family moved from D.P camp to D.P camp before eventually coming to England and settling in Nottingham.

Other Information: Children in the Holocaust; Hiding.  Simon awarded the BEM.

Speaking Commitments: Simon is a regular speaker at the National Holocaust Centre and Museum.

The Collection: The museum houses documents, objects, and photographs donated by Simon. It is our privilege to care for these artefacts and ensure they are available for future generations. The museum's collection provides vital, tangible, evidence of the Holocaust. We are committed to ensuring we have everything we need to continue to tell our speaker's stories into the future. Please find a selection of objects below from the Simon Winston collection, you can also search our collections for further objects and information. You can also click the image below to see artefacts donated by Simon.