Biography: Dorothy Fleming was born in Vienna, Austria in 1928. As a young child Dorothy enjoyed family life with her parents and younger sister. The family were Jewish and after the Anschluss in 1938, Dorothy's family faced increasing danger from Nazism. Dorothy's father had his shops taken from him. To ensure their safety, Dorothy and her younger sister were sent to England as part of the Kindertransport in January 1939. Thanks to her father's job and with the help of friends, Dorothy's parents were later able to come to England. 

The Collection 

The museum houses many documents, objects, and photographs donated by Dorothy. It is our privilege to care for these artefacts and ensure they are available for future generations. The museum's collection provides vital, tangible, evidence of the Holocaust. We are committed to ensuring we have everything we need to continue to tell our speaker's stories into the future. Please find a selection of objects below from the Dorothy Fleming Collection, you can also search our collections for further objects and information.

Other Information: Austria; Kindertransport; Refugees; Children in the Holocaust.  Watch her testimony here