Biography: John Chillag was born in Vienna in 1927. John and his family moved to Hungary in 1934 where they started to notice a large influx of Jewish refugees from Austria. Changes were happening in Hungary now, anti - Semitism was increasing- the first 'Jewish law' was introduced in 1938. In March 1944, Hungary was occupied. John and his family were first moved to a Ghetto in Györ, Hungary before being taken to Auschwitz-Birkenau. After a period in Auschwitz, John was selected to work in the steel plant of Bochumer Verein in Bochum which was the largest armament works of the Third Reich. John's father perished in Bochum as a result of unsanitary conditions, lack of food and incredibly hard working conditions. John eventually was liberated from Buchenwald in April 1945.

Other Information: Auschwitz; Buchenwald; Children in the Holocaust; The Nazi Camp System

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