"I have been a supporter of The National Holocaust Centre for 15 years. It has made my life so much happier and I always try to give as much as I can. I have decided to leave a legacy to The National Holocaust Centre and Museum, as it is the main place for my existence."
Bernard Grunberg, Holocaust survivor

Help pass their story to future generations with a gift in your will to
The National Holocaust Centre and Museum.

It is thanks to people like Bernard that we have their story now and into the future.

Through a legacy to The National Holocaust Centre and Museum in your will you can pass on their story enabling more people to learn from the Holocaust and helping to ensure that those who were murdered, and those who survived but were forever changed, are not forgotten.

We are very much interested in speaking with you, as you prepare your will, to best understand your aspirations for the impacts that will be achieved with your Legacy.  So doing helps us to provide more precise wording as to the purpose of the bequest, and helps us to better plan long-term for activities and programmes.  Please contact us to arrange a time to speak about your aspirations and wishes by emailing our Development Team: [email protected]

Please ensure that your solicitor uses our full charity name: “Beth Shalom Limited,” (doing business as the National Holocaust Centre and Museum) our charity number: 509022 and our registered address:

National Holocaust Centre and Museum, Beth-Shalom, Acre Edge Road, Laxton, Newark, NG22 0PA

If you already have a will…

If you have an existing relationship with a solicitor, give them a call and let them know your intentions.  They will talk you through the next steps for leaving a gift in your will.

You can also download a codicil form here to modify an existing will.  Find out more about codicils.

If you don’t currently have a will…

A will is important to ensure your family and friends are catered for and your wishes carried out.  After your loved ones are supported, anything you can provide us will be enormously appreciated.  If you have a large or complicated estate, or if you have complex needs - for example: trust income, property overseas, dependent relatives, or ongoing legal issues – you should speak to a specialist solicitor. If your estate will be subject to inheritance tax, you should speak to a solicitor.  If you need a solicitor but don’t have one, please look at the Law Society.

Discounted will writing service

The National Holocaust Centre and Museum is a member of Remember a Charity Week, an annual legacy promotion that takes place during September.  As members, we are able to offer a discounted Will writing provision year-round offered by Coop Legal Services.  

Free online will

You can use makeawillonline’s solicitor-checked will making service to leave a gift in your will by making a free online. Access makeawillonline.

Everything is checked by fully qualified solicitor and you can give them a call if you have a question. To help us, details of your gift will be shared with us: any gifts left and when the will was made.  You can opt to share your name and details too so we can get in touch to say “thank you” and keep you up to date.