The National Holocaust Museum holds a collection of artefacts relating to the Holocaust. As an actively collecting museum, we are always looking to expand this collection and collect in areas where we are deficient. We collect both actively and reactively. Reactive collecting occurs when we are looking for specific projects and acquiring specific items. The primary aims behind this are to collect to enable the museum to expand the collections on display in its main Holocaust exhibition and the Journey, as the objects, photographs, ephemera, documents and testimony on display are the direct evidence of the events surrounding the Holocaust.

The items we house provide a tangible link to the Holocaust, and as custodians of such important objects, we ensure they are protected and cared for to the highest possible standard enabling us to teach from them for years to come. Please follow the links below, or click here for more information about our collection. Not all items listed will have details of the donor. Please contact the museum should you have a specific enquiry.

If you wish to make a request or enquiry about the Museum's collection, please submit the form available from our download centre.

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