Biography: Steven Frank was born in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, on 27 July 1935. Steven's father joined the Dutch Resistance, one morning in 1943 he said goodbye before leaving for his office, Steven never saw him again. Steven was taken with his remaining family to Barneveld, before being taken to Westerbork Transit Camp, and then to Theresienstadt. Steven was liberated in May 1945, with his Mother and brothers, who had also survived the camp.  

Testimony: Steven's testimony will be available shortly.

Other Information: Barneveld; Theresienstadt; Westerbork; The Nazi Camp System; Children in the Holocaust.

Speaking Commitments: Steven is a regular speaker at the National Holocaust Centre and Museum.

The Collection

The museum houses documents, objects, and photographs donated by Steven. It is our privilege to care for these artefacts and ensure they are available for future generations. The museum's collection provides vital, tangible, evidence of the Holocaust. We are committed to ensuring we have everything we need to continue to tell our speaker's stories into the future. Please find a selection of objects below from the Steven Frank Collection, you can also search our collections for further objects and information.