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Accession Number: NEKHC:2014.20

Object: Sheet of Yellow Stars

Physical Description: Complete; fabric with ink.

Information: This sheet of yellow stars forms part of the Steven Frank collection. It belonged to Steven's mother. 

This sheet of yellow stars forms part of the Steven Frank collection. The dashed lines at the outer edge of the star show where the Stars were to be cut from the larger piece of material and sewn onto people's clothes. This sheet of Stars is one of four sheets of Stars which had belonged to Steven's mother.

The family were arrested in Amsterdam and deported, ultimately to Theresienstadt in the Czech Republic. In The Netherlands where the family had previously lived, the Stars had 'Jood' on them, Dutch for 'Jew'. As all these Stars have 'Jude' written on them, German for 'Jew', Steven thinks that his mother bought them out of Theresienstadt on their liberation.

Steven can remember being forced to wear the Star of David, and his parents warning of serious danger if he were to go out not wearing one. This came amid many restrictions on Jewish people's lives and Steven remembers it as another of many things he had to, or was no longer allowed to do, and remembers checks occuring to see if children were wearing a Star. Steven remembers his mother keeping as many documents and objects as possible, and feeling that the family's story, and the events of the Holocaust should be recorded and known. On finding these sheets of Stars after his mother's death, Steven donated one to The National Holocaust Centre and Museum.

Further Information

The identifying badges mandated by the Nazi regime were often sewn onto a person’s clothing either on the arm, chest, back or all of those places. The intention was to isolate, harass and humiliate Jewish people, and further embedded Nazi ideology that Jewish people were different from everyone else by marking them out from the rest of the population. 


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