Biography: Ellen Rawson nee Herrman was born in Königsberg, East Prussia in 1922. Ellen, her two brothers and parents lived happily until 1938 when Adolf Hitler came into power. The change was subtle, but when it became apparent that Jews would face increasing anti Semitism and prejudice in every facet of society, Ellen's parents organised for Ellen to come to England on the Kindertransport. Ellen and her brother Gert were the only survivors of the Herrman family. Ellen settled in England and eventually married.

Other Information: Kindertransport

Testimony: Ellen testimony is not yet available on-line.

Speaking Commitments: Ellen speaks occasionally at the National Holocaust Centre and Museum.

The Collection

The museum houses documents, objects, and photographs donated by Ellen Rawson. It is our privilege to care for these artefacts and ensure they are available for future generations. The museum's collection provides vital, tangible, evidence of the Holocaust. We are committed to ensuring we have everything we need to continue to tell our speaker's stories into the future. Please find a selection of objects below from the Ellen Rawson Collection, you can also search our collections for further objects and information.