Other Information: Lingfield House; Theresienstadt; Lodz; The Nazi Camp System; Children in the Holocaust.

Speaking Commitments: Zdenka speaks occasionally at the National Holocaust Centre and Museum. 

Biography: Zdenka Husserl was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia in 1939. Zdenka's father was taken to Lodz Ghetto in Poland. Zdenka and her mother were taken to Theresienstadt in November 1942, by which point Zdenka was 3 years old. After spending three and a half years in Theresienstadt, Zdenka was liberated in May 1945. Zdenka's parents were both murdered by the Nazi regime. Zdenka came to England in 1945 where she eventually resided at Lingfield House in Isleworth, under the care of Alice Goldberger and her team. Lingfield House, Isleworth is the place Zdenka feels was her home.

Testimony: Zdenka's testimony can be viewed online here. 

The Collection 

The museum houses many documents, objects, and photographs donated by Zdenka. It is our privilege to care for these artefacts and ensure they are available for future generations. The museum's collection provides vital, tangible, evidence of the Holocaust. We are committed to ensuring we have everything we need to continue to tell our speaker's stories into the future. Please find a selection of objects below from the Zdenka Husserl Collection, you can also search our collections for further objects and information.