We are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of our dear friend and colleague Avram Schaufeld. 

Avram grew up in a small Polish town, where his life was forever disrupted at only 14 years old. Following the invasion of Poland Avram was placed in a forced labour camp. This marked the beginning of a six year period throughout which movement, loss, degradation and hurt were central to his life. It is during this time that Avram lost every family member he had. These years would come to forever haunt him. 

Avram’s ability to talk to all levels of students and pursue in engaged dialogue made him a truly gifted speaker, and, this was done alongside his wife Vera who also recounted her own story. Avram was passionate about sharing his testimony at the Centre and spent many hours travelling to make sure that it happened. 

The trustees, staff, and volunteers at the Centre would like to express their condolences and regret at the news of Avram’s passing. He endured severe trauma throughout his life and still he sought to share and to educate. In turn, we at the Centre will endeavour to see Avram’s memory and testimony is kept alive.