Three video exercises for children of primary school age

In these special times of trouble, inspiring stories keep us feeling positive. And sharing them keeps us in touch with each other. Well, we have some very special stories to share with you from our amazing family of Holocaust survivors. And in return, they would love to hear stories from you.

Just like you, they are stuck at home, feeling cut off from the world. But unlike you, many of them live alone. So let’s all help each other. The three exercises below are about swapping stories, keeping in touch and learning from each other.

Bob's Special Journey

In this video exercise, Bob talks about his special journey. You will be asked to tell him about one of yours.

Ruth's Special New Country

In this video exercise, Ruth talks about finding safety in a special country - Britain. You will be asked to explain what you think makes Britain special.

Zdenka's Special Book

In this video exercise, Zdenka talks about a special book which makes her feel unique. You will be asked to tell her what makes you feel unique.

Email your replies to [email protected] We will share them with Bob, Ruth and Zdenka. We will also publish them on this website and send you the link.

Curriculum links: History, PSHE, Citizenship, Literacy and Religious Education

Students' work

Thank you to Billy Bradshaw, who is 11-years-old, for this wonderful story about his trip to Disney Land. Billy has written this story in response to Bob's Special Journey. Thanks Billy!

Read little Evie’s postcard to Bob about her Special Journey to Hong Kong to see her grandparents who had been living there for 17 years!

Evie's lovely drawings to illustrate her trip to Hong Kong for inspirational survivor Bob: