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Accession Number: NEKHC:2014.7.4

Object: Letter

Physical Description: Handwritten pencil on thin paper, fragile, some discolouration and fading. Complete.

Information: This letter is one of six documents donated together. The letter was written to Jopie Vedder by a relative of her partner. He is in recovery and is grateful to find Jopie after having survived the Holocaust.

Further Information

This letter is written to Jopie Vedder, it is dated 10 June 1945, and was sent from Maastricht. The author is a relative of Jopie’s partner who was arrested because he was Jewish and taken to Westerbork Transit Camp. At the time of writing the author was in recovery in a Jesuit Monastery in Maastricht, having survived the Holocaust and being initially treated in an American ran hospital in Dachau. The letter thanks Jopie for a previous letter which she had sent, as the writer does not get many visitors he is grateful to have received contact. He asks if anyone from nearby can come to visit, and urges Jopie to pass on regards and ask shared acquaintances to write. He is ill and trying to recover, and expresses sympathy for Jopie as both are trying to rebuild their lives in the aftermath of the Holocaust and the Second World War. The author’s wife and children, and many other family members were murdered during the Holocaust. He asks if Jopie has any photographs of his wife and children, as all of the author’s photographs had been taken. The author is searching for people and asks if Jopie has heard from people or if she can find acquaintances, providing their last known location. Jopie's partner did not survive the Holocaust, the circumstances of his death are unknown.

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