Accession Number: NEKHC:2016.28

Object: National Registration Identity Card

Category: Rudi Oppenheimer; Germany; The Netherlands; Westerbork; Bergen-Belsen 

Physical Description: Blue card folded in half. The card contains handwriting and ink stamps. 

Information on Item: This National Registration Identity Card was donated to the Museum by Rudi Oppenheimer. 

Further Information: This National Registration Identity Card was donated by Rudi Oppenheimer. Rudi was born on 1 October 1931, in Berlin, Germany. He was the middle of three children, and although he was born in Germany, the family were living in Holland at the time of their arrest by the Nazi regime. After liberation Rudi came to England, where he had surviving relatives. The National Registration Identity Card was issued to Rudi in Britain because he was not yet a naturalised citizen. The card confirms Rudi's place of residence, and has strict directions on the back that the card must be carried at all times.  

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