Accession Number: NEKHC:2013.31

Object: Postal Coupon

Category: Refugee; Ellen Rawson; Kindertransport; Life after the Holocaust

Physical Description:  Paper and ink. Stamped in 1939. Complete. 

Information on Item:  This postal coupon forms part of the Ellen Rawson Collection. The coupon was sent from by Ellen's parents to help Ellen keep in contact with them. Ellen was in England at this time.

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Ellen Rawson was born in 1922 in Königsberg, East Prussia. The family lived there happily during Ellen’s early childhood. They kept many of the Jewish holidays, and religion was an important part of family life. Ellen left for England on the Kindertransport in June 1939. Ellen’s brother, Gert, came to England on an agricultural work permit. After leaving for England, Ellen never saw the rest of her family again. This postal coupon, stamped 14 August 1939, was intended for Ellen to use to keep in contact with her parents after she had been sent to England on the Kindertransport.