Accession Number: NEKHC:2016.25

Object: Postal Booklet

Category: Dorothy Fleming; The Dorothy Fleming Collection; Life Before the Holocaust; Austria; Kindertransport

Physical Description:  Red paper booklet; contains stamps and handwriting. In good condition.

Information on Item:  This booklet forms part of the Dorothy Fleming Collection. It was donated as part of a collection of items which illustrate Dorothy's family life, although it had contained stamps the booklet was used for writing notes such as recipies and shopping lists, as paper became very scarce. 

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Further Information: 

This small red postal booklet forms part of the Dorothy Fleming Collection. Dorothy Fleming was born Dora Oppenheimer in Vienna, Austria. The booklet officially contained stamps and a list of postal charges, it also contains shopping lists for items such as porridge, and short recipes which were written into the pages by Dorothy’s family as paper became very scarce. Reflecting on her childhood home in Vienna, Dorothy recalls spending a lot of time in the family kitchen next to their cook who lived with the family, watching her work. Dorothy lived with her parents, her sister, and her paternal grandmother ‘Little Grandma’, while her maternal grandparents lived across the road. As the family were in increasing danger from the rise of Nazism and the persecution of Jewish people, Dorothy and her sister were sent by their parents to England on the Kindertransport in January 1939.