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Accession Number: NEKHC:2009.69

Object: Currency

Physical Description: 1 mark bank note; complete. Serial number 003106. Reverse has picture; no security foil. 

Information: This 1 mark bank note is from the Lodz Ghetto and carries the serial number 003106. We have a large number of bank notes in the collection which were distributed in Lodz which will not be showcased online. Please contact us at [email protected] should you require additional information. Images are of a selection of bank notes from the collection.


Further Information

This currency had no monetary value and could not be used outside of the ghetto. Unlike other ghettos, Lodz also had its own coins as well as bank notes. The notes carry the name Litzmannstadt, as Lodz had been renamed ‘Litzmannstadt’ by the Nazis in April 1940 after German general Karl Litzmann, who had captured the city during the First World War. They have a menorah on one side and carry the signature of Mordechai Chaim Rumkowski in his role as chairman of the Jewish Council of the ghetto. The notes came in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 marks and 50 pfenning. The currency was issued both by the Issuing Bank and later the Bank for Purchase of Valuable Objects and Clothing, which opened on August 12th 1940. This bank exchanged foreign currency and valuables for ghetto currency. The property and currency given in was then handed over to Nazi officials. The creation of ghetto currency allowed the Nazis to rob Jewish people of their money and possessions, which were never to be returned once exchanged for ghetto currency.      


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