Accession Number: NEKHC:2009.197

Object: Scrapbook

Category: Refugee; Arrival in England; Lingfield House;  Theresienstadt; Life after the Holocaust.

Physical Description:  Green cardboard album containing photographs, drawings, and writing. 

Information on Item:  This scrapbook forms part of the Zdenka Husserl Collection. It was made by child survivors of the Holocaust who had been brought to Britain as part of a scheme to help orphans liberated from Nazi Camps. 

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Furher Information: This scrapbook forms part of the Zdenka Husserl Collection, and was made by the children who lived in two houses, first Weir Courteney and then Lingfield House. All of the children were made orphans by the Holocaust and liberated from Nazi camps. They were brought to Britain as part of a scheme to care for child survivors. Alice Goldberger, herself a refugee, acted as matron and was much loved by the children. The scrapbook was donated by Zdenka Husserl, who was liberated from Theresienstadt Concentration Camp and Ghetto, and lived in both houses. Zdenka treasured the scrapbook for many years before deciding to donate it. The scrapbook had been made by the children as a gift for Alice and depicts much of life at both houses, including an intricately drawn ‘toy symphony’ as the children were encouraged to play and learnt to play musical instruments. The book shows Zdenka as a small child, first at Weir Courteney wearing a blue muff on her hands. Although the picture shows summertime, Zdenka at the time refused to take off the muff as she was struggling with the possibility of being adopted and adjusting to life after the Holocaust. Another drawing of Zdenka shows her as a dressmaker, as she went to do an apprenticeship at Jaqumar fashion house.