Accession Number: NEKHC:2009.198

Object: Guest Log

Category: Refugee; Arrival in England; Lingfield House;  Theresienstadt; Life after the Holocaust.

Physical Description:  Paper pages with wooden cover, discolouration of first and last page, complete

Information on Item:  This wooden covered guest log forms part of the Lingfield House Collection. It contains handwritten messages and drawings done between 1957 and 1997. The messages have been left by former child survivors of the Holocaust who had been brought to Britain as part of a scheme to help orphans, and who since had lived in Lingfield House. 

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This guest log forms part of the Lingfield House Collection, and was made by the children who lived in two houses, first Weir Courteney and then Lingfield House. All of the children were made orphans by the Holocaust and liberated from Nazi camps. They were brought to Britain as part of a scheme to care for child survivors. Alice Goldberger, herself a refugee, acted as matron and was much loved by the children. The Guest Log was donated by Zdenka Husserl, who was liberated from Theresienstadt Concentration Camp and Ghetto, and lived in both houses. The log book contains lots of messages of thanks and friendship from the children who had lived at Lingfield House. Many depict favourite friends they had made, or favourite activities.