Accession Number: NEKHC:2016.16

Object: Passport

Category: Refugee; Gitta Ogg; Bratislava

Physical Description: Paper, card, and ink. Contains small photograph. Complete.

Information on Item: This passport belonged to Gitta Ogg, it documents Gitta's journey across Europe as she fled Nazism along with her parents. The pages contain many stamps, and visas.

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This passport belonged to Gitta Ogg, Gitta was born in Bratislava in what is now Slovakia, on 30 July 1925, to parents Erwin and Rosalie. Gitta recalls having a happy early childhood, and although the family were Jewish they did not practise the faith. Regardless, Gitta and her family faced increasing danger from Nazism. In light of this, Gitta and her parents were forced to flee for their lives across Europe. They arrived in London in October 1940, and survived the Holocaust. This passport of Gitta’s documents her journey, and is filled with stamps as the family rapidly crossed borders.