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Accession Number: NEKHC:2012.24

Object: Passport

Physical Description: Paper, card, and ink. Contains small photograph. Complete.

Information: This passport forms part of the Vera Price Collection. It belonged to Georg Jaschkowitz, who came to Britain as a refugee from Nazi persecution of Jewish people. 

Further Information

This German passport was donated by Vera Price. The passport belonged to Georg Jaschkowitz, who later married Vera's Aunt Alice. The passport was found by Vera in her Aunt’s possessions after her death. The document is signed as issued by the Chief of Police in Breslau on 19 December 1935. Under the Nazi regime Jewish people in Germany had to surrender their pre-existing passport for one which clearly indicated that they were Jewish; accordingly the first page of Georg’s passport contains a large red letter ‘J’. The passport contains Georg’s visa for entry into the United Kingdom, which was granted in Berlin, dated 5 April 1939, and documents Georg’s journey via Belgium, to arrival in Britain on 13 April 1939. Vera’s Aunt Alice had also secured passage to England. 

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