No Return

Moshe Galili was born in 1930 in Erdobenye, Hungary. Three days after his 14th birthday the German army marched in Hungary and occupied Budapest and restrictive anti-Jewish laws were introduced immediately. Moshe’s mother managed to keep her four children hidden the entire way through the war, but his father joined the armed Jewish resistance in Budapest and was shot whilst fighting the Nazis. He died as a result of his injury.

Moshe, his siblings, and his mother sought refuge in a displaced persons camp after the war. Whilst in the camp he would paint and make murals on Jewish subjects. He made it to Palestine in 1948 after an initial failed attempt and fought in the Israeli Army for two years until enrolling at Bezalel Art school. Moshe’s artistic talent began to flourish as he also became an early member of the artists’ village at Ein Hod.

In 1958 he travelled to Italy and then on to Paris and graduated from Ecole des Beaux Arts with a distinction in Engraving. In 1962 he married and moved to London when he started his series of works to become known as the “Holocaust and Humanity” series.

We are privileged to have accepted 50 of Moshe’s paintings, each one an individual interpretation of the Holocaust. This collection is currently being processed by our curatorial team, undergoing essential archiving procedures, and becoming an integral part of our growing art collection.

Please view a selection of Moshe’s paintings here.

- Posted December 2021

Portrait of Anne Frank

Auschwitz Cross

Seeds of Abraham 2004