1) Can I access The National Holocaust Centre and Museum's collection for research purposes?

The National Holocaust Centre and Museum strives to support research and make its collection available where ever possible. However, please be advised that some items in the collection are restricted, on loan, or otherwise unable to be viewed. 

To request access to the The National Holocaust Centre and Museum's collection, please download this form.

2) Can I conduct research at The National Holocaust Centre and Museum?

If you wish to conduct research at The National Holocaust Centre and Museum, including speaking to our survivors, and other visitors, please download and return a research request form and the ethical consent form. We endeavour to meet all requests however we cannot guarantee that your request will be granted.

3) Can you help me find/find out about a specific person?

Unfortunately The National Holocaust Centre and Museum is unable to help with tracing people or personal histories at this time. There are other institutions in the field who will be able to help with enquiries.

4) I am doing a project on X, can you help?

If you are completing an educational project, or personal research then you are encouraged to use our website and online resources as much as possible. Unfortunately we are unable to provide personal project support at this time. 

5) Do you provide resources or educational advice for schools/educators?

Yes, please see the following pages:

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