Accession Number: NEKHC:2018

Object: Letter

Category: Refugee; Ellen Rawson; Kindertransport; Life before the Holocaust.

Physical Description: Paper, fountain pen ink, and printed ink.

Information on Item: This letter forms part of the Ellen Rawson Collection. It was written in 1941, pertaining to the internment of Ellen's younger brother in the United Kingdom under a blanket scheme which targeted potential enemy aliens, based on nationality, during the Second World War. 

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This letter forms part of the Ellen Rawson Collection, Ellen was born in 1922 in Königsberg, East Prussia. The family lived there happily during Ellen’s early childhood. They kept many of the Jewish holidays, and religion was an important part of family life. As the family were Jewish, their business and home was taken from them during the Holocaust. Ellen survived as she was sent away from the increasing persecution to England on the Kindertransport, however her parents were murdered by the Nazi regime. One of Ellen's brothers, Gert, was also able to leave for England on an agricultural work permit. This letter is from 1941 and pertains to Gert's internment by Britain under a blanket scheme targetting potential enemy aliens, due to his German nationality, during the Second World War.