Charles Fawcett was a member of the French resistance and worked with Varian Fry to rescue Jewish families and individuals trapped by the Nazi advance across Europe.  He actually married several Jewish women in order to be able to get them an exit visa.  After the war he became a member of the French Foreign Legion before going on to become an accomplished Hollywood actor.

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Stephen Smith interviews Charles Fawcett. 

In this, the first of several interviews, Stephen finds out what was the  basis for Charles' ability to care for his felow man'

2nd interview with Charles Fawcett.
Stephen asks about the arranged marriages to help 6 Jewish girls get visas.  He also asks what it was like to join Varian Fry's rescue network.


3rd interview with Charles Fawcett. 
Here he describes day to day experiences working as part of Varian Fry's  escape network.

4th interview with Charles Fawcett. 
Post war exploits.


5th interview.
Why did he do it ?