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Accession Number: NEKHC:2009.123

Object: Certificate

Physical Description: Paper and ink. Complete.

Information: This document forms part of the Bernard Grunberg Collection. It certifies that Bernard studied at the joinery college in Berlin. The certificate notes Bernard's performance and is complimentary about his work ethic and skill level. 

Further Information

Bernard Grunberg was born in 1923 in Lingen, Germany. He lived with his parents and sister. As a boy Bernard experienced anti-Semitic bullying following the rise of Nazism which forced him to leave school. Bernard was studying woodwork at a Jewish college in Berlin when the woodwork shop was destroyed by fire prior to the November Pogrom. This certificate is from that woodwork shop, and notes Bernard’s attendance, performance, and achievements during his time there. When he was 15 years old, Bernard came over to England on the Kindertransport and spent time in arriving children's camps before becoming a farm hand. Bernard later married and was a prominent speaker at the NHCM. Bernard's father, mother, and sister were all murdered by the Nazi regime.   


We hereby acknowledge that Bernhard Grünberg, born 22.3.1923, in Lingen Ems, was trained in our joinery between 24.4.1938 to 14.12.1938. During his time here he acquired the knowledge that an apprentice of one year would have, and he proved that he is a hard-working and bright minded young man that adapts well to life. His work performance was good and in a relatively short training time he crafted very well.

He also took part in theoretical lessons such as material science and applied mathematics. He is particularly well suited for the cabinet maker’s trade, and we can only give him the best reference both personally and technically.

We wish him only the best for the future!

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