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Accession Number: NEKHC:2010.4.1-2

Object: Bank Certificate

Physical Description: Paper and ink. Complete.

Information: This Berlin Bank Certificate was donated by Anne Kind OBE. Anne was born into a Jewish family in Berlin, Germany in 1922. After the rise of Nazism and increasing persecution of Jewish people, Anne and her family moved to Britain as her father was able to carry on his business from England.

Further Information

Anne Kind OBE, was born Anneliese Rosenberg in 1922 in Berlin, Germany. The family lived in Berlin during Anne’s early childhood, and kept the Jewish High Holy days. Anne and her parents left for England in February 1934. This Berlin Bank savings certificate has Anne's full name and date of birth, and is certificate number 494. The certificate sits inside its own paper sleeve and has text which explains that the voucher for 3 marks is a gift from the city of Berlin. Every child born within the city’s walls received this gift of 3 marks, to be added to a savings account on behalf of the child but remain inaccessible until the child reaches 14 years of age.


This is a present from the Savings Bank of Berlin for Annelise Rosenberg, Born 16th May 1922 in Berlin. This is a keepsake for every child born within the walls of the city of Berlin and includes the sum of 3 Mark. Certificate number 494. The City of your Birth thought of you in a time of need. You should do the same by your work and savings. So Germany with the help of its women and men will win through. Live for this end. Whatever you give helps others. Whatever you save increases in wealth. A grain suffices for an ear of corn. A stone suffices for a tree.

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