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Accession Number: NEKHC:2009.207

Object: Book

Physical Description: Book. Pages complete. Dust cover complete. Some fading, small tears at edges. 

Information:  This book forms part of the Zdenka Husserl Collection. It was written by Sarah Moskovitz, who interviewed 24 grown-up child survivors of the Holocaust for the book. The participants had come to England after their liberation from Nazi camps as part of a scheme to help orphaned children. 

Further Information

This book 'Love Despite Hate', was donated by Zdenka Husserl. The book was written by Sarah Moskovitz and details interviews she took with 24 people who had been liberated from Nazi concentration camps as children. These children had been made orphans during the Holocaust, and had come to Britain as part of a government scheme to provide assistance for orphaned children liberated from Nazi camps. The first insert page contains a handwritten message by Zdenka, which states 'a tribute to Alice and Sophie and all her helpers to bring us children up to be happy normal people today. All my love always, Zdenka. 12th September 1988'. Zdenka had herself been liberated from Theresienstadt, and had come to England as part of the scheme. She lived under the care of Alice Goldberger, and her team, including Sophie Wutch. The book contains verbatim excepts of interviews between the author and the survivors, including Zdenka.

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