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Accession Number: NEKHC:2014.7.2

Object: Addressed Paper

Physical Description: Lined paper, some discolouration. Pencil handwriting. Fragile.

Information: This paper is one of six documents donated together. The documents contain letters written by a Jewish man held in Westerbork Transit Camp, to his non-Jewish partner in Amsterdam, and letters to her from his relative.


Further Information

This piece of paper was sent to Jopie Vedder, at an Amsterdam address. The paper is one of six documents donated together, the documents contain a letter to Jopie Vedder from her partner, a Jewish man who had been arrested by the Nazi regime and held in Westerbork, and letters from his relative. The piece of paper has a name (I. Parijs), a room number, and the address of what it calls an emergency hospital in Maastricht. The name is that of a male relative of Jopie's partner, and the emergency hospital was a Jesuit Monastery which cared for him after he had survived the Holocaust. Jopie was not Jewish, and had been living with her partner in Amsterdam during the Nazi occupation of The Netherlands until his arrest by the Nazi regime. The circumstances of his death are not known, however he did not survive the Holocaust. The donor’s mother had been friends with Jopie since becoming a lodger in her boarding house at the end of the Second World War. The pair remained good friends and Jopie travelled with the family to Zambia for a time, before returning to Holland. Jopie was around twenty years older than the donor’s mother, she never married or took another partner.  

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