Auschwitz, Art & Hope:

Holocaust survivor Eva Schloss MBE and Liesbeth van der Horst, Director of the Dutch Resistance Museum in Amsterdam

Wednesday 20 January, 7:00PM

As Holocaust Memorial Day approaches, join us in conversation with world-renowned Auschwitz survivor Eva Schloss MBE, step sister of Anne Frank, as she talks about her search for the light amidst the darkness of leaving her home in Vienna, going on the run to Belgium and hiding in Holland before being captured and sent to Auschwitz. Whilst Eva and her mother survived, her father and especially beloved brother did not.

Eva will show us some of the beautiful paintings created by her brother in hiding which she found under the floor of their Amsterdam hideout when she returned after Liberation. Joined her will be Liesbeth van der Horst, Director of the Verzets Resistance Museum in Amsterdam - home to an exhibition of over 30 of these paintings. This art, laden with the memory of her brother Hans, inspired Eva to rebuild her life after the war.

This event will be hosted on Facebook and YouTube – head to our page 5 minutes before the start time. 

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