We are proud to be at the forefront of innovation when it comes to Holocaust education, and want to provide opportunities for young learners from across the country to engage with the Holocaust in a meaningful and impactful way. 

We can now offer our unique museum exhibition and survivor engagement sessions in three different formats:

You come to us –Come and experience the only exhibition of its kind in Europe designed for primary schools. Leo’s journey unfolds in seven rooms, comprising his home, school, street, tailor shop, hiding space, train carriage and refuge.

You will explore what life may have been like for a Jewish child refugee at this time through:

- watching video excerpts from Leo’s fictitious diary;

- being immersed in historic rooms;

- picking up and examining props based on objects from the time; and

- watching footage of survivor testimonies.


We come to you – “This workshop was one of the best I have ever taken part in! …I cannot think of any reason a school would not invite you in to work with their children.”

Your students will follow the same story of Leo, a 10 year old Jewish boy from Nazi Germany in 1938 to safety in England via the Kindertransport. The outreach version of the journey exhibition follows the same themes and uses the same diary extracts, however it is delivered in your classroom. The educator will bring in museum objects and documents for pupils to examine and discover more about pre-war Jewish life in Germany under the Nazi. The outreach also includes a zoom session with a survivor or an opportunity to use The Forever Project.  

Outreach available in East Midlands, South and West Yorkshire.

Learn with us online -In 2020 we took our very successful education programmes and turned them into educator led online sessions. Since March 2020 we have used this method to work with over 100 schools, engaging over 9,000 students’ right across the UK.

 An online workshop is again based around a 10 year old Jewish boy called Leo, who lives in Berlin and encourages pupils to:

Explore the nature of choices. How do you find out what is important to someone? What gives us our identity? What does it mean to belong?

Challenge ideas and perspectives. How do we know if something is true? What questions should we ask? Who decides how people are seen? What is stereotyping? Why is it important to think critically and independently?

Engage with ideas, viewpoints and people different from themselves. What is a refugee? Why might people have to leave their home country? How might it feel to leave behind everything that you know?

The online session also includes a one hour Zoom talk with a Holocaust survivor who will share their experiences with your classes and participate in a question and answer session.


We were so impressed with the quality of resources (for pre-learning as well as the session itself), range of activities and opportunities for discussion. Trude's testimony was such a privilege to hear and she was such an inspiration for our students. You have made a challenging subject very accessible and poignant- a very powerful and memorable learning experience which will stay with our pupils for life.

- Sheffield Girls High School (teacher)


To find out more about the themes and content of The Journey learning programmes, click the image to watch an explainer video, presented from inside The Journey exhibition by our co-founder and Life President Dr James Smith CBE

For further information, contact us at [email protected]