In addition to the Jewish people, the Third Reich also targeted the Roma and Sinti people for industrialised murder. It succeeded in killing 500,000 of them. The Romani community sometimes refer to this as "Porajmos" (the "Cutting Up").

But this aspect of the Holocaust is still little talked about. Under the Nazis, Gypsies were subjected to deportation to concentration camps or ghettos, medical experimentation, forced sterilisation, and mass murder. But why were these atrocities committed? And why were these people targeted?

Launching on August 2nd - Roma Holocaust Memorial Day - our temporary exhibition tackles some of these issues. 'The Nazi Regime Targeted Groups: Gypsies' runs at the Museum for the month of August. Do visit. If you thought there was nothing new to learn about the Holocaust, it will show how much more there is to uncover.

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