Two Home Learning video exercises for students of secondary school age

There are parallels between the Holocaust and what is sweeping Britain right now. Hate is a virus. It can spread during worrying times, as we have seen with Brexit. And now Covid-19 is here, we are seeing #CoronaRacism. Happily, we are also seeing people stepping up to confront it.

We have two choices. To be a bystander. Or an upstander.

Here are two online video exercises, exploring what each of these means:

1. Edek

In this exercise, watch our award-winning Hip Hop Holocaust video Edek and excerpts of Holocaust survivor testimonies. Consider the issues they raise and how these might be relevant to today.

2. Stand Up!

What does it mean to be a bystander? This exercise looks at the issue through the lens of football. Watch the much publicised Stand Up football video we created for Holocaust Memorial Day 2020. 

Stand up to #CoronaRacism.

We invite you to:

  • Email [email protected] with your creative responses to these tutorials. We will publish the best on our website and social channels.
  • Post on social about why it is important to be an upstander. Posting an example would be even better. Use #Upstanders and #coronaracism.

Curriculum links: PSHE, History and RE

Your response

Thank you to Rebecca Guy for sending us this bold poem:

Stand up.
Take my hands if you must,
I will help you
get up and take a stand.

Stand up.
They picked you apart
on the table,
Under the harsh fluorescent lights,
Like the corpse that you are not.

Stand up.
They said that you are wrong,
And we do not see how
in your DNA as complex as anyone else's
that could ever be the case.

Stand up.
There is no need to cry now,
For you are safe
and warm with us,
And we think you're perfect,
Just like us.

Stand up.
Do not give in to them,
You must never let them know
that their hatred gets to you,
They don't deserve the satisfaction of knowing
that they made you cry.

Stand up.
For you are so brave.
Because everyday you have the courage to exist,
And you are proud of who you are.

So, stand up.
You're an upstander.