Specialist Advisor

Ruth-Anne Lenga trained as a teacher in 1985 at the University of Warwick and gained a Master’s Degree in Religious Education in 1999. She spent many years teaching in various schools before taking up a post as Lecturer in Education at the Institute of Education University of London.  She has worked at the Institute for nearly 20 years leading courses at PGCE and Master’s level. Working part time at the Institute enabled her to also pursue a parallel career in Museum education, leading a teaching team at the Jewish Museum, London. She has written and designed numerous exhibitions, gallery displays and curriculum materials. Ruth-Anne has also worked as a freelance consultant for organisations involved in teaching about the Holocaust, such as US based NGO Facing History and Ourselves.   Her academic interest in the Holocaust has spanned 15 years and she has developed an international reputation for expertise in the field.  Her current post is Head of Academic Programmes of The Holocaust Education Development Programme ( HEDP) at the Institute of Education, University of London which  has led the first large scale national research enquiry into Holocaust Education in English Schools.