It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our dear friend Bernard Grunberg, who was 97 years old.

Bernard was a regular speaker at the Museum. Born in 1923 in Lingen, Germany, he arrived in England on the second Kindertransport train on December 12th 1938 at age 15 with an album of family photos he cherished. These photos form part of the archive at the National Holocaust Centre & Museum.

He met his wife Daisy in 1945 and they lived in Derbyshire where Bernard worked on a farm for 22 years. After 54 happy years of marriage Daisy passed away in 2001 and Bernard had since lived alone.

In 1986, Bernard was invited to return back to his hometown in Germany. Although Bernard never gave up hope that he would see them again it was here, in Lingen, that he met another survivor who was able to tell him of his parents' fate. His father had died in a labour camp in Riga and his mother and sister were murdered in Stutthof extermination camp.

Bernard returned each year on the town’s invitation to visit and speak. He became an Honorary Citizen in 1993 – something we know meant a great deal to him.

He committed to talking to as many people as possible of all ages to share his story. His love for speaking at Beth Shalom and for the Smith Family was well known. He considered the place and the people as his home.

Mrs Smith was a cherished constant in his life who's emotional support and understanding for Bernard is beyond words.

— to a life lived to the full.