Mala Tribich – Holocaust Survivor

This lesson has been designed to allow students to further investigate what happened to Jewish people during the Holocaust. It will also help them to understand what happened after liberation. This lesson should take between 45minutes and one hour.

Please watch the introduction film below.

You are now all going to watch Mala talk about her experiences at a camp called Bergen-Belson and how she describes her liberation by the British Army from Bergen-Belsen. All students to watch this.

Allow your students time to formulate their questions for Mala.

You will need to click start conversation to put your questions to Mala. These can either be verbal or typed. Once you have spent time asking Mala your questions, please use the 'Back Button' to return to this page. 

Click here to ask Mala your questions

Below is a link to four further films about Malas experiences during the Holocaust. If student wish to find out more they can watch them and ask questions via the conversation button.

Students please click here to select from four themes to listen to and ask questions of Mala.

Any further questions please contact us at [email protected]