We are sorry to learn that we have lost another member of our survivor family. Gitta Ogg has passed away aged 93.

Gitta was born in Bratislava in July 1925, and she was forced to flee with her family from Czechoslovakia in 1938 when antisemitism took hold. Gitta and her parents first settled in Paris. However they were once again forced to leave their home.

Her family's journey took them to many places including Lisbon, Gibraltar and London.

After escaping the persecution in Europe during World War Two Gitta settled in London. She studied at the University of Bangor after which she became a teacher of modern languages.

We are saddened to have lost Gitta, she was a remarkable woman who worked hard to inspire others. Gitta was a friend of everyone at Beth Shalom and she will truly be missed.

In her book, ‘The Uncharted Voyage’ Gitta wrote:

“Mine is a tale without horror or bitterness, a tale of adventure and optimism, of a life with an almost ‘happy end’. I belong nowhere yet feel at home everywhere; I have no native tongue but have command of several languages; I have no religion but would have been persecuted for the religion and race of my ancestors. My story is not unique, but it is different. Above all it is the simple and true story of an individual. It is also a story of hope.”