As the nation prepares to mark National Holocaust Memorial Day, The National Holocaust Centre and Museum is embarking on a remarkable digital project that will preserve the voice of Holocaust survivors for generations to come.

Every week UK Holocaust survivors share their vital, and moving, testimonies with children in venues throughout the country.  However, each year survivors with unique stories pass away. The value and impact of their personal conversations with children and adults is in critical danger of being lost.

The National Holocaust Centre and Museum’s project will use advanced digital technologies that will enable children and adults of the future not only to hear and see a survivor giving their story, but to ask that survivor questions and hear them giving their answers.  Recreating the experience schoolchildren currently have at the Centre (listening to and interacting with a survivor in the Centre’s Memorial Hall), the project will protect an experience which makes a vital contribution to children’s educational understanding of the events of the Holocaust and their connection to it.

Achieving this will respond to an urgent need to continue the opportunity to learn about the Holocaust from people who survived and settled in the UK. It will also provide a new and inspiring way to interact with primary testimony at the Centre.

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