In preparation for Holocaust Memorial day 2017, the Centre released its new film, 'An Introduction to the National Holocaust Memorial Centre'.  This may be viewed at the link below:

The Centre joined with the Nottingham Trent University to mark this year's memorial day in a joint act of remembrance at the University campus.  In keeping with the theme 'How can Life go on?', James Smith lead the event with a poignant recollection of the cost to Survivors and the way in which trauma remains ever present in their lives.   The event was attended by civic leaders, university staff, Holocaust Survivors, Centre staff and students.  The event was introduced, first by the Dean, Angela White and then by Phil Lyon's the Centre's CEO.  The introduction may be viewed via the next link:

James Smith, then presented the assembled gathering with an account of the overwhelming struggle that Survivors face each day as they face the question 'How can life go on?'.  He made much reference to Survivors who live in the Nottingham area.  You can view the video of his talk via the link below: