The National Holocaust Centre and Museum is saddened to hear of the passing of Eve Oppenheimer. Eve has been a regular speaker at the Centre and has shared her testimony on countless occasions with thousands of primary-aged children. Eve had a special place in the hearts of our staff and was immensely valued by the pupils and teachers, who appreciated her gentle and thoughtful approach.
Eve was born in 1936 in London and was the youngest of three siblings. Having spent six months in London she moved to Holland with her mother and two brothers to rejoin their father.
In May 1942, after two years of Nazi invasion, the Oppenheimers were forced to live in Amsterdam. They were eventually deported to Westerbork transit camp in June 1943 where they remained until February 1944. At this point they were deported to Bergen-Belsen where Eve’s mother died in January 1945 and her father in March.
On 10 April 1945, Eve and her two brothers, Rudi and Paul, left on the last train from Bergen-Belsen. Eve returned to the UK in September 1945 to be looked after by her uncle.
Eve is survived by her brother Rudi.