Winner of 14-16 category

Kayleigh, 16 years old

 Title: ‘A Helping Hand’

Description: The hand in my piece represents the world not standing by. By pulling away the ‘striped pyjamas’ (that singled out this group from the rest of society) it shows that people are recognising the equality that people deserve and are pulling away the negative connotations. The numbers in my work represent the tattoos given to those at concentration camps. The fact that they’re in the background of the piece shows how these ‘evil stereotypes’ are gradually fading away.

Runner up of 14-16 category

Tom, 14 years old.


Title: ‘Memories of Autumn Past’

Description: A watercolour and acrylic piece that shows a tree with two figures to represent those people who perished during the Holocaust.

Winner of 11-13 category

Lucy, 11 years old


Title: ‘Never Forget’

Description: I have made a hand and it has a family going into the sunset and on the other side there is a Star of David. The ‘Don’t Stand by’ part is the sunset as the family is being separated by the Holocaust.

Runner up of 11-13 category

Jiajia, 11 years old


Title: ‘Stop it from happening – The Night of Broken Glass’

Description: This artwork was based on ‘The Night of Broken Glass’, when Hitler wanted revenge on all Jewish people just because of a small incident. The meaning of this artwork is don’t just stand by the people that need help and don’t bully them.