LIVE: Matters of Artefact Part 4 - Hanneke Dye

Part 4 of our live series about the priceless artefacts in our collection. As told by the Holocaust survivors who have entrusted them to us.

Posted by The National Holocaust Centre and Museum on Wednesday, 5 August 2020

On 10th February 1943, Hanneke Dye's mother gave birth to her in total silence. She had no medication but dared not scream, in case the Nazis came for them. Hanneke's first bed was the leatherette case that normally housed the vacuum cleaner.

So began Hanneke's life as a hidden child in Ginneken, Holland. But she did not know it for years. She has spent most of her adult life tracing her identity through photographs and drawings she found in her mother's handbag when she died.

Photographs matter.

Join Hanneke sharing her collection of photographs and documents which has slowly - but not completely - helped her to work out who she was.


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We are privileged to be custodians of the UK's largest collection of Holocaust artefacts you will find. (Yes, we are open!).

Artefacts memorialise and evidence the Holocaust. 

Artefacts combat Holocaust denial. 

Artefacts are powerful agents of truth.

In this live 6-part series, 'Matters of Artefact' takes a look at the artefacts in our collection. Learn the important stories behind them, as told by the Holocaust survivors who entrusted them to our care. 

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