Wednesday 22nd July 8PM: A Case of Mistaken Identity

In part 2 of our Matters of Artefact series, we present a battered brown suitcase, donated to us by Joan Salter MBE. Joan is a child survivor of the Holocaust. Born in Brussels on 15 February 1940 to Polish Jewish parents, she was three months old when Belgium was invaded by the Nazis. Her journey to safety and life after the war took dramatic twists and turns. 


The suitcase has a very important place in Joan's heart. It links her to the identity of the person she once believed she was. And it is the only remaining link there is. Sadly, as Joan will tell you, it was a case of mistaken identity. Don't miss her gripping account of this poignant and historically vital record of the Holocaust.

Don't worry if you missed the live event, you can watch it here:


We are privileged to be custodians of the UK's largest collection of Holocaust artefacts - and it is still growing. Their value extends well beyond exhibition display. 

Artefacts memorialise and evidence the Holocaust. 

Artefacts combat Holocaust denial. 

Artefacts are powerful agents of truth.

This is why they feature not only in our galleries, but learning programmes and outreach. It is also why we handle each one with meticulous care: extensive research, provenance authentication and preservation.

To celebrate the re-opening of our exhibitions, we are delighted to announce a series of Wednesday evening livestreams entitled 'Matters of Artefact'. Each week we'll be looking at an individual artefact or group of artefacts in discussion with the people who donated them: our family of Holocaust survivors.

If you can't get to Nottinghamshire, let us present some of these objects to you online, with our family of Holocaust survivors telling you the fascinating stories behind them.