Developing and maintaining a strong, inclusive ethos: The role of Governors

This course examines the role of school governors in maintaining and developing the ethos and reputation of the school, with particular reference to issues concerning inclusivity and equality.


  • Governors are given the opportunity to reflect on key aspects of their school ethos and mission, and the ways in which this is observed in school life
  • Delegates are then led through the Journey exhibition or a presentation is shared, to enable consideration of key events and survivor experiences proceeding the Holocaust- in order to consider the roles and choices of community leaders in facing prejudice and building stronger communities
  • A workshop examining case studies in which governors may need to respond in difficult situations in order to reflect their community ethos enables delegates to reflect more fully on their role as leading stakeholders in the vision and development of their school community
  • The final session enables delegates to identify next steps which may be needed to enable governors to maintain and develop the ethos and reputation of their school community. 

Course Length: 90 minutes

How to access this session:

This session can be offered as a twilight session at the National Holocaust Centre.  

Individual Schools may wish to host this session as a twilight session at their own school.

Click the image to download the leaflet.


For delegates attending the session at the Centre the cost is £25, to include light refreshments

For a school-hosted session, the cost is £150, for up to fifteen delegates

Feedback on Governor Training

Very thought provoking and relevant to the current world situation.

I found this extremely informative and moving

Fantastic resource. Prompted a lot of thought.

For further details regarding the training programme, or to arrange a booking, please contact Louise Stafford, Lead on Adult Education (01623 836627).