This is a sculpture by Flor Kent. The girl is part of a series of memorials, all called ''Für das Kind' ('For the Child' / 'Pro Dítê'). Other sculptures in the series include a boy sitting on a suitcase at the Westbahnhof in Vienna, the girl with her family at the Main Station in Prague, and both children together at Liverpool Street Station in London. In particular the statues commemorate the actions of Nicholas Winton, who came to the Czech Republic in 1938 to help organise the Kindertransport trains, as well as arranging the foster families and financial support required by the British government. In all, around 10,000 children were brought to safety in Britain; 669 of them came on five trains from Prague between March and August 1939. The last train, scheduled to leave on 1st September carrying 250 children, was stopped by the outbreak of the Second World War, and virtually all of the children later died in the Holocaust.