Live Zoom Q&A with Dr Agnes Kaposi, Hungarian Holocaust survivor. 2.30pm Thursday May 15th. Register your interest.

Only in the final year of the war did the Holocaust reach Hungary. And when it did, the Hungarian Arrow Cross helped the Nazis murder almost half a million Jews in 2 months. You have not seen the movie or read the book. Because there hasn’t been one... until now - with Agnes Kaposi’s new memoir Yellow Star, Red Star.  Agnes was there as a little girl. This is an invite-only opportunity to meet her, hear her testimony, and ask your questions.

Agnes’ testimony is all the rarer as a Jewish survivor not only of the Holocaust, in which she lost her family, but of a second vicious anti-Jewish regime: Soviet Stalinism.

Extraordinarily, she went on to have a brilliant career in England, raise a loving family, and become an emeritus professor of electrical engineering and Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering. Meet her and you will understand why. Agnes is a role model for women in STEM. And a role model for human beings.

This is an invitation-only Zoom event, exclusively for university students. 2.30pm this Thursday 15th May. Don’t miss out! Email [email protected] to receive an invite.