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Jewish Life before the Second World War

Ellen's cutlery

Ellen Rawson

Ellen Rawson at the National Holocaust Centre and MuseumEllen was born in Königsberg, East Prussia in 1922. Ellen, her two brothers and parents lived happily until Adolf Hitler came into power. When it became clear that Jewish people were being targeted by the Nazi government, and after the November Pogrom (also known as Kristallnacht), Ellen's parents organised for Ellen to come to England on the Kindertransport. Ellen and her brother Gert were the only survivors of the Ellen’s family.

Explore the following object to discover what was important in Ellen's life before coming to Britain on the Kindertransport.

What letter is on the handle of this cutlery? What might this stand for?
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 H for Herrmann. This was Ellen's family name before she was married.

Who might have used this and when?
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 This was used by Ellen's family. It could have been used at special meals or everyday.

What does this object tell us about Ellen's family life and identity?

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