This 4.5 hour educator led programme is designed for Undergraduate students and explores what can be learnt about ordinary Germans during the Holocaust from studying Police Battalion 101. The programme will develop your students' knowledge of the events of the Holocaust and their awareness of the causes and complexities of the Holocaust. This programme will also explore how power and obedience are used in the context of war and will challenge your students to consider the works of Christopher Browning (Ordinary Men: Police Battalion 101), Milgram's 'Obedience to Authority' experiement (1963) and Zimbardo's Stanford Prison experiment (1971). During the programme students will visit the Journey exhibition, Holocaust exhibition and memorial gardens. There is also the unique opportunity for the students to listen to the testimony of a survivor and to ask them questions. To learn more about the Centre watch our film - 'Making the Journey'. To book a visit e-mail the Bookings Team.

Session Times

10.00-14.30, 10.30-15.00 or 11.00-15.30

NB: Our Holocaust Survivors speak from 1.00 p.m. to 2.30 p.m. Out of respect to our survivors, if your school needs to depart the Centre before 14.30 we can not guarantee that your staff/students will be able to listen to the survivor speak.

Group Size

  • Minimum: 25
  • Maximum: 220


  • £12.50 per student (Lecturers/accompanying adults are free in a ration of 1:10).
  • A minimum charge of £300 aplies for groups smaller than 25 students.

Booking a visit
To book a visit e-mail the Bookings Team.

The following resources can be downloaded and printed off to support you prior to and during your visit.

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