We are the UK’s only nationally accredited Holocaust museum. Backed by Arts Council NPO status and world-class academic rigour.

We are home to some of the world’s most cutting-edge Holocaust learning experiences. And the UK’s largest collection of Holocaust artefacts.

We are also a home-from-home for Britain’s dwindling community of inspirational Holocaust survivors. For 25 years our Christian founders have treated them like family, believing the Holocaust is a universal responsibility with lessons for now.

In short, we are an unlikely recipe that seems to work: learning & technological innovation enveloped in beautiful countryside, remarkable family warmth and courageous human ideals.

Whilst our home will always be welcoming and rural — we are a digitally savvy creative hotbed. We produce award-winning immersive exhibitions such as The Journey, The Forever Project and The Eye as Witness. Furthermore, we’ve become a dab hand in audience development, with renowned filmic storytelling that engages young people today in their own visual and verbal language, and for a contemporary social purpose.

So what’s wrong… apart from having a slightly 20th century website? Well, we’d like to develop a truly 21st Century learning experience. One that fuses our on-site, online and outreach propositions. We have the support of the Heritage Fund to get going. But we need a trustee with an exciting track record of creativity in museum experience and curation, to take a leading role in our redevelopment. Our aim is to create something - experientially, educationally and architecturally - of international significance.

Do you believe you can you help?

Please drop our CEO a line to find out more. Thank you.