'Belsen: Britain' Finest Humanitarian Hour?'

To mark the 78th anniversary of the liberation of Bergen-Belsen concentration camp by the British Army, here is another chance to watch the unforgettable interview with the late, great Belsen liberator Corporal Ian Forsyth MBE, Belsen survivor Mala Tribich MBE and Director of Germany's Bergen-Belsen Memorial, Dr Elke Gryglewski.

Originally produced and broadcast during deepest darkest Lockdown, this highly emotional programme lit up our lives with the incredible stories told by Mala and Ian. It features some disturbing imagery.

We dedicate this broadcast to Corporal Forsyth. He was never able to talk about Belsen without weeping. Yet his emotional scars were beautiful ones, as he used them to educate thousands of schoolchildren, almost to the day he died in December 2021.

We invite you to watch the recording free of charge but please consider making a small donation in Corporal Forsyth's memory. It will help us to keep producing archival content and learning materials to keep the deeds of Upstanders like him alive.

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Watch the broadcast recording here: